Monday, November 17, 2008

New England's most brutal music.

Just a quick post to get this podcast syndicated.

This show has a LOT of new music in it! Pure concentrated evil from Dead Season, Loki, Tear Down the Sun, Soundbender, Fastburn, and more!

Keep listening to The Underworld to hear the best music New England has to offer.

You'll enjoy the podcast linked below. . . 'cuz you kick ass like that.

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Shadows Fall's Jason Bittner on The Underworld

I've been way behind, but trust me!! It's worth the wait.

This episode of The Underworld Radio Show is chock full o' minerals, vitamins, and tasty, tasty EVIL.

I was priviledged to speak with Jason Bittner, drummer extrodinaire of Shadows Fall. The conversation is a bit stilted in points, because I'm a big freaking loser like that. Jason was cool, and I love his power, style, and speed.

In the second hour, we talk with Al Wolfson - the lead singer of Devil's Champion. He's got a bitchin' new project that's perfect for all you lovelorn headbangers out there. If you're looking for that perfect tattooed guy or chick, you have to go to his new website Rock 'N Roll Dating.

Check out the podcast. You're priest will damn you for it. And that will make me grin.

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