Sunday, October 19, 2008

CREATIVE FREEDOM!! Plus, interviews with Metal Church and Mindset X!

Sweet baby jeebus! I love The Underworld's new time slot!! We're now on from 10:00 pm until midnight every Monday night. The best part of our new slot is that we're in FCC Safe Harbor Hours. This means that we can play music without editing out the gloriously evil, perverse, and generally profane sections that can make metal so much fun!

This show features two interviews in the second hour. The first is from the amazing lead vocalist Metal Church, Ronnie Munroe!! Our second interviewee is Steven Scott, vocalist and guitarist of one our favorite local bands (and on-air guests) Mindset X.

We somewhat abused our new-found freedom in this episode of The Underworld. We played a lot of tunes - that we've never had the freedom to air - from bands like Big Coffin Hunters, Purenform, Bottoms Up, Cellblock One, and many more!

TUNE IN ON MONDAY, OCTOBER 20!!! We'll be interviewing Jason Bittner of Shadows Fall and Al Wolfson of Devil's Champion.

Here's the podcast. Satan and yer momma want you to rebel and listen!