Friday, September 15, 2006


Next week is the WSCA 106.1 FM's annual pledge drive. . . or as I am going to call it: BEG-A-THON 2006!!!

Now, we already know that I perform a herculean quantity of service to WSCA and the public at large - just by getting on the air each week and ROCKING your asses. I am, however, going to take part in BEG-A-THON 2006 and do my utter best to help WSCA raise money so we can keep rocking.

To that end, I'm going to host a special Thursday night edtition of The Underworld from 10:00pm - Midnight on September 21st! In this show, we'll have two top-notch bands playing - live and electric. I'm in the process of nailing down the lineup, and I hope to be able to announce the bands tonight (or tomorrow at the latest.)

This show will be webcast and podcast, just as we always do. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation of ANY amount, you can contact WSCA at 603-430-9722. Be sure to tell them that The Underworld is your favorite WSCA program!

Last Tuesday's show with Coven of 13

If you haven't yet heard it, you need to check out the podcast from The Underworld's broadcast of Tuesday, September 12.

was absolutely a blast to have in the studio. They are very, very funny people, as well as excellent musicians. The show is very funny and has lots of music.

Coven of 13 has a show coming up on Saturday, September 23rd. It'll be at Rox's-The Rock House in Oxford, MA. You can check out the club's info @ I'm going and I hope to see you there!