Friday, January 16, 2009

Three more hours with A Simple Complex!

The last show I did with A Simple Complex was so much fun, we did again. Will and Mark joined me for this special, year-ending, three hour show. It was a fun show, with lots of music and conversation over a WIDE range of topics.

Download the podcast or Will's going to kill off your character.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Simple Complex is filled with twisted people!

I'm not kidding! They're just not right!! Of course, that makes them PERFECT guests for The Underworld.

Will and Jason from A Simple Complex joined me in the studio for two hours of utter craziness. You know I LOVE their music, and now. . . now I know that they are just as fucked up and nerdy as I am!! We had so much fun, I've invited them back for a special 3-hour installation of the show on Dec. 29.

Seriously, this was one of the funniest episodes of The Underworld to date. Check it out and see what I mean. And, hey! Do us both a favor and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes for FREE by using this link. iTunes Podcast Link

Download the podcast or I'll teabag you!!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ruin enters The Underworld

Who would be a more natural occupant of The Underworld than Ruin? Nobody, my friends. . . No. Fucking. Body. Rich, Craig, and Kevin spent two hours in the studio talking about. . . well. . . all kinds of silly shit. Their disk, "Hands of Enmity," is brilliant, brutal, and has the world's longest fade-out.

The oft-mentioned-but-yet-unheard-from Michelle made her debut appearance as my guest host. (She was a bit nervous and is still obsessing about what she did or didn't say on the show.)She did great, though. She has a near-encyclopedic knowledge of the New England metal scene, she's evil, and she's funny as hell. She'll be on the show from time to time and I'm certain her twisted personality will come through on the air as she becomes more comfortable in the studio.

Use the link below to download the podcast. The power of Cthulhu compells you!!


Monday, November 17, 2008

New England's most brutal music.

Just a quick post to get this podcast syndicated.

This show has a LOT of new music in it! Pure concentrated evil from Dead Season, Loki, Tear Down the Sun, Soundbender, Fastburn, and more!

Keep listening to The Underworld to hear the best music New England has to offer.

You'll enjoy the podcast linked below. . . 'cuz you kick ass like that.

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Shadows Fall's Jason Bittner on The Underworld

I've been way behind, but trust me!! It's worth the wait.

This episode of The Underworld Radio Show is chock full o' minerals, vitamins, and tasty, tasty EVIL.

I was priviledged to speak with Jason Bittner, drummer extrodinaire of Shadows Fall. The conversation is a bit stilted in points, because I'm a big freaking loser like that. Jason was cool, and I love his power, style, and speed.

In the second hour, we talk with Al Wolfson - the lead singer of Devil's Champion. He's got a bitchin' new project that's perfect for all you lovelorn headbangers out there. If you're looking for that perfect tattooed guy or chick, you have to go to his new website Rock 'N Roll Dating.

Check out the podcast. You're priest will damn you for it. And that will make me grin.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

CREATIVE FREEDOM!! Plus, interviews with Metal Church and Mindset X!

Sweet baby jeebus! I love The Underworld's new time slot!! We're now on from 10:00 pm until midnight every Monday night. The best part of our new slot is that we're in FCC Safe Harbor Hours. This means that we can play music without editing out the gloriously evil, perverse, and generally profane sections that can make metal so much fun!

This show features two interviews in the second hour. The first is from the amazing lead vocalist Metal Church, Ronnie Munroe!! Our second interviewee is Steven Scott, vocalist and guitarist of one our favorite local bands (and on-air guests) Mindset X.

We somewhat abused our new-found freedom in this episode of The Underworld. We played a lot of tunes - that we've never had the freedom to air - from bands like Big Coffin Hunters, Purenform, Bottoms Up, Cellblock One, and many more!

TUNE IN ON MONDAY, OCTOBER 20!!! We'll be interviewing Jason Bittner of Shadows Fall and Al Wolfson of Devil's Champion.

Here's the podcast. Satan and yer momma want you to rebel and listen!


Monday, October 13, 2008

Keeping Promises - featuring music from Synthetic Killing Unit, Crazy Jane, Full Tilt, and A Simple Complex

The good news is that The Underworld is now on a new day and time! Our live show now airs Monday nights from 10:00 pm to midnight. This puts us in FCC "Safe Harbor" hours, meaning we can play ANY music we want - without fear of FCC indecency and profanity laws! So, keep listening to The Underworld. It's just got better!!

The great news is that the music featured in this episode of The Underworld will beat your ass like you owed it money. Finally making good on a promise to Mark from A Simple Complex, we played tunes from Synthetic Killing Unit, Crazy Jane, and Full Tilt.

Now, the bad news. First, our two scheduled guests - Eric from Q and St1tch from Mushroomhead were given the wrong date for our interviews. So, we'll catch them another time - soon. Second, I've discovered the loss of our show of September 30, featuring Dave Ellefson of F5 (former long-time bassist for Megadeth) and Pete from Twisted Roots. Nothing I can do about it, and it sucks ass.

Here's your podcast. I hope you choke on it.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Underworld Interviews Hatebreed and Pulse8.

Damn, dog. This show is packed with head-banging goodness!

First, we were favored with a phone interview with Damon Mocahbee of Pulse8-a killer up-and-coming band that recenctly signed with our buddy Joe from RatPak Records.

Next, we interviewd Matt Byrce - drummer of the Grammy-nominated metal band Hatebreed. Hatebreed has the Billboard Magazine #1 DVD in the nation right now - their new release, "Live Dominance."

We played lots of great music from these and bitchin' bands and had a major announcement that is covered in the early moments of the show.

Megathanks to my buddy Joe. RatPak will own you all!

Be sure to check out our MYSPACE PAGE to see just what's happening in The Underworld. I just posted a buttload of new pictures of bands you already know and love!

Here's your goddamn podcast. I hope you're happy with yourselves.