Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ruin enters The Underworld

Who would be a more natural occupant of The Underworld than Ruin? Nobody, my friends. . . No. Fucking. Body. Rich, Craig, and Kevin spent two hours in the studio talking about. . . well. . . all kinds of silly shit. Their disk, "Hands of Enmity," is brilliant, brutal, and has the world's longest fade-out.

The oft-mentioned-but-yet-unheard-from Michelle made her debut appearance as my guest host. (She was a bit nervous and is still obsessing about what she did or didn't say on the show.)She did great, though. She has a near-encyclopedic knowledge of the New England metal scene, she's evil, and she's funny as hell. She'll be on the show from time to time and I'm certain her twisted personality will come through on the air as she becomes more comfortable in the studio.

Use the link below to download the podcast. The power of Cthulhu compells you!!



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