Friday, August 24, 2007

Shot Heard Around the World

Okay, I know I'm late getting the podcast updated. This episode of The Underworld Radio Show was broadcast on Tuesday, Aug. 21. My apologies to Shot Heard Around the World.

Shot Heard Around the World joined Kaley, Teagan, and Mike in the WSCA 106.1 FM studio as our guests. Here's why Shot Heard Around the World will kick your ass and make your ears bleed: Drums and bass are nice and tight - they give the band a good, solid metal base to build on. Guitars are nice and crunchy with some excellent wailling and shrieking. Finally, vocals range from primal scream to melodious. All together, I give Shot Heard Around the World four out of five skulls, with tons of potential to reach that final, fifth skull.

Lots of great music on this podcast.
You can download the entire show with this link. Just right click the logo and select, "Save Target As. . . "

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