Thursday, February 14, 2008

Show Dave Crisci your support!

Guy Harvey visited The Underworld to talk about a very important benefit that is happening on March 15. Here's the information from The Dave Crisci Benefit Blog:

Just before this past Christmas (2007) Dave was admitted to the hospital with a back problem. As it turned out, he had to get emergency surgery for THREE discs in his back that were pushing on his spinal cord.

He has undergone two operations now. Unfortunately things still are not looking very good for him. The doctors say he will walk again, the question is... when?

This is the current situation:

1. Dave's insurance company will only allow him to stay in the rehabilitation facility until he is able to get himself........ IN AND OUT OF A WHEELCHAIR!

2. After he can get himself around (enough to manage to sit at home, not work, not drive a car, cook, flop himself out of the chair, bathe and nothing more) the insurance company will send him home! They will continue to pay for his rehab, but will not provide transportation to and from it.

3. He will need an Up-to-Building-Code wheelchair ramp built to get in and out of his apartment.

Two things We all Can do to Help.
The benefit and online donations!!!!

About the benefit:

Dave's band DECADENCE and friends have Arranged a benefit with the bands Bottoms Up and 11:11 (with former members of PCDM) at:

The American Legion, 8 Church St, Shirley MA,
March 15, 2008.
Phone: 978-425-4888
Click here for directions

The Benefit show will start at 6:00 P.M. and run until 12:00 A.M.
Donations at the door will be $10


Also, You can help with your Online donation if you can't make it to the benefit.

Any donation you make will go directly to Dave
(Please scroll down the page to make a donation and...

You can also send checks to:

Dave Cricsi
16 Richardson Street
Rochester, NH

Click Here to Donate
Any amount will hep!

Download and listen to the podcast. . . Once you're done donating to this great cause!


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