Thursday, January 17, 2008

Project Amasa in The Underworld

We were happy as hell to have some of our favorite people in the world visit The Underworld this week.

Project Amasa is a long-time labor of love for Kirk Bartholomew. You may recognize his name since this was his fourth time on the show! (An Underworld record.) He's been on the show talking about his project "El Kapitan" in the past, and his musicianship is as great as ever.

Project Amasa is different, though. The disk is titled, "Tribute Cafe." It's a tribute to a musician - a friend of Kirk's that passed away. He saved the old 2" tapes of Amasa from the 80's. They've been digitally remastered, with new vocals by some incredible talents. Melodic, heavy, and meaningful - it's just great music.

Wendy Poor is one of the singers on the disk. She also happens to be one of my closest friends! She really let loose on two songs, and really showcases her magnificent pipes. Her main singing gig is with the 80s tribute band Decadence, where she always shows just how hard a chick can rock.

Here's the podcast. Don't be a dick. Download it now!!


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