Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What the hell is a Nimbit?

Musicians and music fans alike will be very interested in today's show. We spoke on the phone with the CEO of Nimbit. Patrick explained to us just what Nimbit does, and I think it's a damned great idea. They are a comprehensive system that independent musicians can use to promote, sell, and distribute their music, merchandise, and even show tickets. I think it kicks ultimate ass and that Nimbit could kick the RIAA squarely in the nuts.

We also featured three tunes from Haloburn. If you aren't yet familiar with them, you should get acquainted with their soul-grinding, straight-for-the-throat metal. You can see Haloburn with Window Pain and Two Sided Season on August 25 at the Dover Brickhouse.

Here's the podcast. Right click the link and select, "Save Target As. . ."

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