Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Two HUGE special guests on The Underworld!

Today's show was unbelievable!
We had two surprise special guests on the show.

We started with Blasko- formerly of Rob Zombie's band and currently playing bass for Ozzy Osbourne. They are currently in Columbus, OH on the Ozzfest tour. I think Kaley (the hard-rocking maiden of metal) might have pissed Blasko off a bit. Listen and judge for yourself.

No sooner did we finish our interview when our second special guest called. This was none other than Michael Wilton - guitarist and co-founder of the second-greatest band to ever walk the face of the earth. . . Queensrycyhe! I may have gone on a bit too long about my love of his work but I don't care.
Here's the podcast:

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