Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Podcast 4/4/07

The Underworld and WSCA 106.1 FM need your help! As most of you know, we are a non-profit community radio station. WSCA does not selling advertising and we have a 100% volunteer staff. Funding for our daily operations comes from corporate sponsorship and private membership. That's why we are conducting our Spring 2007 membership drive (also known as Begathon 2007) this week. As you'll hear in the podcast, Kaley and I aren't really good at asking for money. Anyhow, here's the deal. If you care to support WSCA, then give the station a call at 603-430-9722 to make a pledge. We don't care how much or how little you donate. Hell we'd be thrilled to get tree-fiddy. We're just happy for some help. Here's my promise to you: Call WSCA and make a pledge (even just tree-fiddy). When the WSCA volunteer asks what your favorite show is, tell them "The Underworld," and I will send you something good - cds, T-shirts, etc. (In my best Sally Struthers voice) Won't you please help? These cds and T-shirts are in desperate need of a good home. Operators are standing by.

Here's the new podcast. Rock on friends!


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