Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Mindset X podcast is FINALLY ready!

We had a blast with Mindset X on The Underworld last Tuesday. They had me laughing so hard I came ---> <--- this close to snorting on the air. Kaley made the mistake of telling the band that she gets nervous when people are too nice to her. I think Jerry (bass) took it as a personal challenge. He was BRUTAL, and I think he might be my new hero.

Once again, we had recording issues coincide with an awesome show. I record the show on a laptop computer, and the power cord somehow got kicked out of the wall. This caused a sound file meltdown, but I was determined to salvage whatever I could. So, I spent seven hours putting this podcast together from the raw data - in 6 SECOND INCREMENTS. This, my friends, is the definition of tedium. So here is the 53 minutes that I was able to restore. Please enjoy it, or my pain will be meaningless.


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