Monday, January 29, 2007

Two great shows this week!

The Underworld is on the air twice this week!
As always, we'll broadcast the show on Tuesday. This will be an outstanding show because our guests will be Big Coffin Hunters. You've heard their song "Lizzy Borden" on The Underworld. They rock hard and kick ass. Tune in on Tuesday, Jan 30th at 3:00pm.

Big Coffin Hunters

Bonus! We'll broadcast a special show on Friday, Feb. 2!

This show will feature Jake and the Jakes playing their tunes - live and electric. We'll kick off at 8:00 pm. These people are just freaking crazy (my kinda people.) We had so much fun with them on the show on January 2, we just had to invite them back for more. Tune into WSCA 106.1 Fm, listen to us live online, or check out the podcast after the show. Even better (and more fun for everyone) come to our studio at:
909 Islington St.
Portsmouth, NH

Rock out and have some fun with us!

Jake and the Jakes


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