Monday, December 04, 2006

Weekend Concert Review

Now, I'm fully aware that this blog comes across as a bit of a love-fest at times. That's only because I blog the bands that have been or will be on the radio show. These bands, therefore, ROCK by definition. How is that you ask? That question is answered thusly: By virtue of my status as full professor of rockology, I define the adjective "rock" to include only bands that I dig. The show and blog are filled with only with bands I dig. Hence (and therefore) if it is on the show or in this blog, you are assured that it fulfills all of my stringent qualifications and is thus deemed to ROCK.

Anyhow, I attended two shows this past week. The first was Thursday night at Mojito's in Dover, NH. My beautiful wife (Blondie) accompanied me as we grooved to the tones and tunes of Purenform and Hour Past.

Purenform put on an excellent show. They've got a lot of talent and I was fully digging them. They were kind enough to give me a copy of their disk Sin and Rapture for The Underworld's music vault. This disk is an ass-kicker and I highly recommend that you click the link to the left and buy it. I'll debut Purenform on the show on December 5.

Hour Past kicks my ass every time I see them. This show was no exception. Their songwriting is superb and their musicianship is amazing. We play songs from their disk A Vacant Smile quite often on The Underworld and they have been my guests in the studio. Sometime soon I'll be inviting back to The Underworld for a live accoustic set. You can buy their disk at just about any music retailer in New England, or you can click the picture to the left.

The next show I saw was on Friday night at Bourbon's in Portsmouth, NH. I was accompanied by Blondie (for a little while) and Guy Harvey - guitarist extrodinaire of the '80s tribute band Decadence. We heard Ogre and Big Coffin Hunters. We unfortunately missed Adria, but I'll catch their show sometime soon and we'll debut their music on The Underworld on Dec. 5.

Big Coffin Hunters was very cool. I hadn't heard their tunes before, and I had just received an email from them the day of the show. I was very happy that I was already planning to attend their show that night. They gave me a copy of their EP pictured (and for sale) on the left. It kicks ass and we'll debut it on The Underworld on Dec. 5.

Ogre was tremendous. I had been looking forward to seeing them live for quite some time and I enjoyed it even more than I had anticipated. Their authentic '70s metal sound comes across even better live than it does on their CD. We'll continue to play their tunes on The Underworld, and I'll try to get them in the studio soon.

All in all, it was a superb weekend. I hope you got out and supported some local musicians.


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