Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Triumphant Return!!

ALL RIGHT!! I'm all kinds of excited, because I am announcing. . . THE RETURN OF THE UNDERWORLD!! Tuesday, November 14 will be our first broadcast in quite some time. We're going to make it a bit more fun by stretching it out to a two-hour show! So 3:00 pm will be the time to tune into 106.1 FM.

Q: Will we have a guest?
A: Hell if I know!

Q: Will Kaley (the hard-rocking Maiden of Metal) be on the air?
A: Hell yes!

Q: Will we mangle every band name, slaughter evern song title, and make a general mockery of the English language?
A: Why would this show be any different?

Q: Will we resume rocking the airwaves with New Englands Best Original Rock?
A: Duh!

Remember to listen on WSCA 106.1 FM in Portsmouth, NH from 3:00-5:00 pm.
If you can't get us on the air, you can listen live or download the podcast at:


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