Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I got it right!!

September 5ths show ACTUALLY made it to the podcast!

Huge thanks to Chris Mangone from Batteries Release and Hammer from RageRockRadio for stepping into The Underworld. We had a great show, with call-ins from several members of Batteries Release. Chris broke out his guitar and played, we got to abuse each other, and (of course) we played some ass-kicking local rock.

We heard Inhale on The Underworld for the first time. They rock, and we'll hear more from them over the coming weeks. We also heard from the usual suspects, including Angry Hill, Q, Never Say Never, Hour Past, 12 Tone Row, Coven of 13, Mongrel, Bottoms Up, and some that I frankly don't recall just now.

Rock on.


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